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What’s in a name?

Black. Swift. Separately the two words overflow with depth and meaning that reflects the approach and body of work. Black is full of richness and mystery, connoting both elegance and boldness. Swift is more than just fast – it suggests efficiency and cleverness. When the two join together to form Blackswift, it pays homage to a bird known for its decisive movements and high flying. With the addition of creative, the picture is complete. Like the namesake bird, Blackswift Creative always strives to reach new heights.

  • After gaining 16 years’ experience in New York City's creative community, I founded the graphic design firm BlackSwift Creative in 2004.

  • My design versatility is evident in the portfolio of varied clients, from fine arts institutions to financial services and insurance companies.

  • I have won multiple graphic design awards over the years with great client work that helped achieve their goals.

Who is BlackSwift?

Sally Diaz, Creative Director

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