At BlackSwift Creative our clients’ needs are at the center
of the graphic design process. The result is exceptional design
that meets business objectives and stands out from the crowd.


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The Farm in Closter
Website & Identity

Hearts & Crafts Counseling
Logo, Website & Identity

Jack In the Box Preschools
Logo, Website & Identity

L2A Land Design Civil Engineers
Logo, Website & Identity

Cross County Cardiology
Logo Redesign, Website & Collateral

Logo & Identity

Pulmonary Allergy & Associates
Logos, Website & Identity

Closter Chamber of Commerce
Logo, Website & Identity

Hearts & Crafts
Website design

Urban Dog Specialists
Logo Identity

Too many graphic design firms define
great work by how it benefits them,
not how it serves the client.
BlackSwift Creative is different.

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Creative Director

Sally Diaz

  • After gaining 16 years’ experience in New York City’s creative community, Sally Diaz founded the graphic design firm BlackSwift Creative in 2004.


Creative Work

  • Design versatility is evident in our portfolio of varied clients, from fine
    arts institutions to financial services
    and insurance companies.

Design Integrity

Seeing things in a different light

  • We believe the role of great design
    is to enhance the communication
    of an idea and is defined by
    how it benefits our clients.

Design Awards

1996 - Present

  • Winning multiple American Graphic Design Awards, we are proud of the successes we have helped our clients achieve through great design.


1. Connect

We will talk about your ideas,
your message, your goals.

2. Design Concept

This is when we brainstorm, present designs and incorporate your feedback.

3. Project Takes Flight

We work collaboratively until all the goals are met. Then we release it.

4. Completion

This isn't the end...
it's a beautiful beginning.


What’s in a name?

Black. Swift. Separately the two words overflow with depth and meaning that we think reflects our approach and body of work. Black is full of richness and mystery, connoting both elegance and boldness. Swift is more than just fast – it suggests efficiency and cleverness. When the two join together to form BlackSwift, it pays homage to a bird known for its decisive movements and high flying. With the addition of Creative, the picture is complete. Like our namesake bird, BlackSwift Creative always strives to reach new heights.

Where we can take you is limitless.

  • There is no design
    without discipline.
    There is no discipline
    without intelligence.

    Massimo Vignelli

  • Graphic Design, if you wield
    it effectively, is Power.
    Power to transmit ideas
    that change everything.

    Chip Kidd

  • Content precedes design.
    Design in the absence of content
    is not design, it’s decoration.

    Jeffrey Zeldman


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